What is a Seamless Finish?

A ‘Seamless Finish’ or ‘Seamless Join’ is an industry terminology used to describe the subtle join where two parts of a worktop are connected together . At The Beauty of Marble Limited we think that it is important that your new worktop should be beautiful, functional and hygienic. While Quartz and Granite are both anti-bacterial products germs can live very happily in a silicone join, this is why all our worktops are fitted with a Seamless Finish as Standard.

What is the difference between a Silicone Join and a Seamless Finish?

A Silicone join, which is most fabricators go to finish, will leave your kitchen with two bevelled edges joined together with silicone. Not only is this an unsightly, a silicone join is what we call “the toast collector”.​

A Seamless Finish will leave you with an even, flat surface where joins will be difficult to see and feel close up and totally invisible from a distance. Our Signature Seamless Finish is perfection!​

Why is a Seamless Finish Important?

A Seamless Finish is important for a number of reasons. The first is visual, no one wants to see the joins in their kitchen worktop and at The Beauty of Marble we believe you shouldn’t have to! The second is security, silicone is a flexible material, over time any movement in your kitchen has the likelihood to disturb your beautiful worktop and leave you with a disaster on your hands. Our Seamless worktop will be glued together and the pieces become fused as one, no amount of movement will effect your worktop.

Can I have a Seamless Finish in Granite?

A Seamless Finish in Granite is much more difficult to achieve, however, our many years of experience in the industry have allowed us to perfect our method and bring you a Seamless Granite Worktop.

Will I pay more for my join if it is Seamless?

No! We are proud to put our name to our Seamless Finish and as a result we do not charge extra for this. Our skills and knowledge of natural stone combined with our love of the work we do means that this is a service we offer as standard. You will also find that our prices are highly competitive with companies who only offer a silicone join. Which finish would you choose?

What Else Can You Do With A Seamless Finish?

At the Ideal Home Show 2019 we really took our  Seamless Finish to a whole new level. Not only did we create a flawlessly mitred, bookmatched island in Sensa Orinoco we went one step further and laminated our Arabesque worktop from 20mm to 40mm with an incredible seamless finish. We had a lot of fun asking visitors to find the join!